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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dave Navarro's Spread TV: Must See Non-TV

If you haven't caught "Dave Navarro's Spread TV" on Mania TV, you have to. I normally hate video talk shows, but this guy is a total natural. AND, like me, he's a musician who can actually form sentences. Dave Navarro should be on late night television, certainly more so than Conan Freakin O'Brien.

Navarro's ease with talking with people is refreshingly free from the smarmy dog crap from every single talk show host from Matt Lauer on up (and there's nowhere to go but "up" from Lauer). His willingness to entertain all ideas and lifestyles is amazing as it rolls off his back. He is genuine, seemingly, and is not a part of the Holly network. The small audience environment is great for this intimate show and I cannot imagine that it should change with a different venue.

I saw it for the first time last night from a link to a particular show. I was totally struck with the minimalist beauty of the show and the way Navarro completely focuses on his guests, as if there's nothing else happening in the world. If only the so-called "best of the best" could be that way. This guy should be moderating the presidential debates. But, if he is as cool as he seems to be, he would think it was just too funny. In fact, Navarro goes at things with such a child-like wonder that it draws you into his attention, not just your own. That is so missing from traditional television. There is a complete absence in Navarro's show of false bravado, or sardonic pseudo-wisdom.

Folks, no matter what your political, philosophical, sexual, or horticultural beliefs are, you should tune in to Dave Navarro's Spread TV on Mania TV, which is on You won't be disappointed. And if you are, screw you and everyone that looks like you.

(That's a little joke, there.)

(c) Andrew T. Durham, 2008

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