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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Writing On The Wall

I really can’t take this anymore. This is Monday, August 30. I’ve listened all day to every talk show host talk about the Glenn Beck religion rally. Yet to this day none of these blowhards will mention the major travesty committed against Michael Savage by Britain. [Notice I didn’t use the term Great Britain]

With the two year abomination of Savage being banned from entering Britain, a complete affront to free speech, these multi-millionaire talk show hosts can’t even mention this. Hypocrisy is amusing only to a point. But then it borders on propagandizing the American public, which is illegal.

This is because they are bought and sold by the Republican Party. They claim to be merely Conservatives, but they are nothing more than whores for the GOP.

The mere fact that those who pretend to uphold the Constitution are, by childish high school behavior, unwilling to even speak about an atrocity committed against one of their own makes me physically ill.

It’s like the Stepford Wives. But fat.

I am very truly ashamed of so-called Conservative talk radio. And there’s not a day that goes by when I don’t thank God I registered “No Party”.

In closing, let me mention one thing: When I was interviewed on the Savage Nation I was asked what people can do to change what’s happening to this country. I was at a loss. But after long consideration, I arrived at the conclusion that if people really want change they have to vote locally and keep on top of their representatives. If you think for one minute you have any influence on a Presidential election, you need your head examined. It’s all a lie. Do you think for one moment that people who gain power are going to give it up to the unwashed every 4 years?

Forget it. Love yourself, your family, your neighborhood and your city or town.

Some used to say that the only certainties in life are death and taxes. Cute. But the truth is this: If you’re for sale, you’re a whore. If you want to gain power in this world, you have no conscience. If you are both, you’re either in the White House or Congress.

If you don’t get that, God help you.

Copyright 2010 by Andrew T. Durham


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  1. Excellent! And Beck is most certainly for sale.

    What irritated me most about the coverage of this Beck rally, was that it was such a NON EVENT. Who cares? No one knows, least of all those attending, what it was all about.

    And Sharpton. Well he goes beyond the concept of whore. There's no word for him yet.