Watching The Wheels

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Another April

Living is more than touch,
But reality escapes us as we think
And feel,
So everyone must reach
For something that means what life means;
Breathes what life breathes…

Yet, is it always through the face
And through the eyes
Of another
That we see the Corridor
To the rest of the world?

Apparently so,
Or we would never need to hold another body,
Or kiss another hand.

But living is more than touch.

It is an invisible thread
That leads to only one other person
In all the Universe.

And it is this thread that sews the very finest
Between two separate souls,
Born of different mothers,
Yet familiar since the beginning of time,
Incarcerated through centuries
To flourish in temporary Aprils,
Eventually dying in countless Novembers,
Left to call to each other in the Afterword,
Calling and crying for each other,

Until their souls meet again
In another April.

Copright 2010 by Andrew T. Durham

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