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Friday, May 4, 2012

Maybe a Space Oddity

It has become more interesting to me that, in the past year, I have run into more and more people who don't buy the conventional view of world events and reality in general.

Those who know me understand that our political system in the US is governed entirely by the rich and businessmen coming from old blood and money. To me, that is a given.

What is further disturbing is that our past is being concealed from us, based upon knowledge - scientific knowledge - that we are supposedly too unwashed to understand.

For instance: our initial attack on Iraq was called "Shock and Awe". This term is phonetically identical to "shakenah" which, according to the early Hebrews, was the descriptive word for the power of the Ark of the Covenant. Though I may have spelled it wrong, the fact still exists.

Be assured, our presence in Iraq has nothing to do with terrorism, a Bush vendetta, or oil. One has but to look at gas prices to see that. My question remains : "What was all this money and lives about?"

I use this only as an example. One need only research the blacked out images of our moon landings, the actual imagery on Mars and, to be frank, countless other things. I mean, there are actually people alive today who think that Kennedy was shot by one person. That baffles the hell out of me.

These are the same people who still think Nixon knew anything about Watergate before it happened. This is in light of the stark fact that every single one of his subordinates went to their death bed denying it. We all don't really read the fact that John Dean had sex tapes recorded from Democrat candidates and employees. Even the goddamn prosecutor in the case said whatever tapes were "of a sexual nature."

And don't get me started on Bob Woodward and his lies. As a mole for the Joint Chiefs, he got his newspaper job. And his access to Alexander Haig.

Where the secrets start, the Republic ends.

An object that stays in motion tends to want to stay in motion. The same thing goes for people in power. Do you honestly think they would give people like you and me the power to elect every 4 years?

Get therapy.

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