Watching The Wheels

Monday, July 9, 2012


Sad creature,
Born, yet unborn
Among monstrous clouds of matter,
Thrust into oblivion,
Sealing the tomb behind you,
No going back now.

Endless ocean,
Tumbling into clarity,
Some memory returns now,
Shoved into consciousness,
Sealing the womb behind you...
Well, make the best of it.

Mindless intrusion,
Just some floating metal,
Feeling the prick of electric eyes,
Obscuring what lies before you,
Just where the hell are you?

Primate cities -
Were they always there? -
They protrude from what was once home,
Seemingly fragile compared to you,
Fleeing monkeys and flashing lights...
Why are they shooting at you?

"Yes, why are they shooting at me?"

Taller than you remember being,
You just want to go home,
Returning to that which you cannot,
A deep sadness sets in,
Bleeding from a fortress of shattered dreams.
You just want to go home.

"Why don't they see I just want to go home?"

Copyright 2012 by Andrew T. Durham

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