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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fallacy Warfare

Another election year. And I don't have a spare rat's ass to give about it. Sorry for the crass language, but that pesky First Amendment keeps getting in the way.

I would have loved to have given some sort of useful commentary, this year,  on what is about to transpire, but I just can't do the "sound and fury" number anymore. My mother, who was the commissioner for the board of elections where I grew up, believed in the system and the electoral process. Hell, when I was a kid I won an essay contest about it and got the distinct pleasure of going to watch my Mom on election eve as the votes came in. I actually believed this stuff then.

Then I grew up. Then I realized that this presidential thing is decided by the ultra-rich long before the unwashed masses go to the polls. Years ago the government hired numerous computer hackers to try to hack into their new, soon-to-be-mandated computer voting systems. It didn't take these geeks long. But the point was not to assess deficiencies. It was so that our government could know how to get into these systems and alter the outcome to satisfy our world corporate overlords. No, I am not a "conspiracy theorist", as the media likes to label anyone with views they are too lazy to investigate. After all, there are no free hotel rooms and buffets when investigating "conspiracy theorists". But the simple truth is that it is a rigged game, the dice are loaded. Objects that are in motion tend to stay in motion.

In our crippled republic, all the right people die: drug addicts, AIDS victims, alcoholics, etc. - because there never was a war on any of these things. Our Malthusian overlords want nothing more than to weed out the population. I mean, you can only have so many wars in so many years. But, the new drugs will take care of it. And as long as we protected the poppy fields in South East Asia and now in Afghanistan, things will proceed as planned here in the US.

So, grab your socks and your Ramen noodles, folks. And read Ecclesiastes.

Welcome to 2012.

Copyright 2012 by Andrew T. Durham

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