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Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Disclosure Fallacy

There is a wind blowing in so-called paranormal circles, postulating that President-elect Obama will be the “President of Disclosure”. What this refers to is the recent trend for some foreign countries – namely Britain – to release long-classified UFO data from their files. For some reason there are those that believe our new president will be the one to disclose over half a century of cover-up in this area. And there are those who will be gravely disappointed.

While it is inescapable that the American public has been illegally propagandized on the subject of UFO’s for decades, there is no reason to believe that the new President will attempt to remedy this Constitutional violation. Once one Constitutional requirement is voided, the entire document falls. And it already has crumbled in light of the blatant propaganda perpetuated by our government and NASA regarding the entire issue of Unidentified Flying Objects.

But the criminal politics of the United States is irrelevant in all of this. It is merely an example of the utter hopelessness that this dying nation will be at the forefront of disclosure. There is too much power at stake for the organized crime that is our government. Whatever disclosure occurs will be left to so-called “lesser” nations, and then methodically ridiculed by the uneducated puppets of CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the government-controlled media.

I suppose in some pathological fog it’s nice to think that the world will be turned around by the wholesale admission of the most important event in human history. After all, things are pretty bad right now and there is absolutely no indication that they will rebound on their own. And they won’t. But to pathetically pine for the bought-and-sold to come forward on such a monumental, literally earth-shattering affair is homage to absurdity.

And it demands vigilance when there are those who will so easily place dangerous faith in the vacant marionettes of the Power Elite, when men of honor have long since passed into dust.

© 2009, by Andrew T. Durham


  1. The fallacy is believing Obama could hold back the inevitable.

  2. Yeah-but...Obama is surrounding himself with, shall we say, more experienced people. Can any one person accomplish the ineviatable, experienced or non?


    It is highly likely that most Presidents are not even being briefed on the issue.

    I'm disappointed that though you thought to include big words like pathological, hopelessness, etc, you failed to include this:

    (Podesta is leading the President's transistion team.)

    And we might also consider the military and government insider witnesses that are saying that such technology would set us free from oil, coal and nuclear energy.

    In our society, oil is a big part of our economy.

    Last time I checked, Presidents were not members of the power elite, but you might want to check with Kissinger or any of the surviving Rockefellers on that.

  3. Yes, but I didn't use big words like "ineviatable". ????

    If you actually read the piece, you saw that I in no way think any president is a member of the Power Elite. The are puppets.

    And, no, I don't include the "ultimate credibility" of youtube. (HUH??!!)

    No, I refrain from schlock. Call me impulsive.

    I'm totally aware of Podesta, who will accomplish nothing with this topic. To think that he will be allowed to is naive at best.

    These visitors of ours could have, at any time, disclosed anything. But haven't, which means they haven't wanted to. And it probably means they are compelling the governments of the world to do the same, for whatever reason.

    To think that, overnight, anyone would pull the rug out from under the old money and old blood that run this world by introducing us to an ultimate power is just nuts.

    Also poignantly insane is the thought that it is in the interest of these Power Elite to actually bring forth new sources of energy. That would serve to liberate the average person in ways that is completely contrary to the aims for these Controllers.

    Yeah-but...I don't have a youtube link for all that. Maybe you should try National Enquirer. That seems your speed.