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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Limbaugh Accuses Independents for The Attacks in Arizona

Today, in a stunningly inept revelation of agenda, Rush Limbaugh accused those Independents and so-called No Labels as being responsible for the attacks in Arizona that left many dead and Congresswoman Giffords fighting for her life.

Limbaugh, who is notoriously uneducated and a major advocate for the political genocide for any free-thinking voters left in the United States, blatantly claimed that the “alleged” killer, Jared Loughner, would be a great example for the No Label, Independent, etc. voters in this country, considering that he held no particular political beliefs and did not follow news or talk radio. Now this is in direct contradiction from the very fact that Limbaugh was apoplectic at the idea that the media was accusing him of being the cause. Now he is upset that the kid had no particular political beliefs.

This is just a further example of how the free-thinking people in this country are continually pummeled by the uneducated shills like Limbaugh and Hannity who cannot make a buck without polarizing the public. What I have found funny since 9/11 is how Limbaugh and his puppy dog Hannity have aligned themselves with the “Conservative” label, instead of Republican.

Bull Crap.

They love to talk about RINO’s – Republicans In Name Only. But they are ROLATSRepublicans Only Lying About Themselves. This may fly with their listeners, who are primarily people with a high school education or less, but not with those of us who can think for ourselves and realize that the two party system is dead. You see, when you work in a profit system like radio you have to pit one thing against another for ratings. This is all that the ilk of Limbaugh and Hannity do, because they are incapable of thinking outside the “us and them” mentality. Yet they pretend – in a rather pathetic way – that they are somehow outside of that way of thinking. They manage, actually, to hoodwink their listeners into thinking that they are really into an ideology outside the Dem/Rep party system.

It ain’t happening.

So let me just get this over with by saying to the children like Limbaugh that you may want to stifle free-thinking, but your inability to think outside of two sides is your own mental disability. Please get help, or get off the air, and let those of us who can decide for ourselves what is right set things straight.

Oh, and as a side note, Rush. We didn’t kill anyone. A wacked out kid did. And your attempt to use free-thinking people as a political tool to blame it on makes you no different from those you pretend to oppose on a daily basis.

Copyright 2011 by Andrew T. Durham

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