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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Things to Try, Part I

1) When you stay in a hotel that serves a Continental Breakfast, go down in the morning, walk in with adult diapers on and order the Incontinental Breakfast.

2) Try a reverse carjacking. Walk up to someone on the street and pull a gun on them and demand that they take your car. Oh, and give the your ATM card and PIN.

3) Join the debate team in college. When you go to your first debate, dress immaculately and, when your opponent ends his argument, stand up and say, "Oh, Yeah?!", then just sit down.

4) Make a list of 10 people who you have never seen, never met and whose names you don't know.

5) Try a reverse shoplifting by smuggling things INTO a store.

6) Take your car into a body shop and tell them to total it.

7) Take your car into a repair shop and demand that there is nothing wrong with and that they do nothing to it or you'll call the Better Business Bureau.

8) Order a magazine subscription. When you see the postman about to deliver it, go meet him, take the magazine, roll it up, and whip yourself in the face with it. Then just hand it back to him.

9) Late at night pull a gun on some unsuspecting person and tell them you want absolutely nothing from them.

10) Go to a fine restaurant and order a great expensive meal. When asked if you want dessert, ask if they have any urinal cakes.

Copyright 2011 by Andrew T. Durham

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