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Monday, September 19, 2011

The REAL Eternal Question

Throughout time mankind has pondered many things about not just his immediate surroundings but the Universe itself. These questions have followed us through worldwide floods, worldwide fires, ice ages and ages of searing heat. During these times we evolved, matured and banded together into close knit groups. After millenia these groups turned into communities, then massive cities. Wars waged, religions and empires rose and fell. But throughout we evolved, changed and became what we now call civilized.

And the questions still remained.

In the 20th century we saw the most massive destruction of life and worlds that have ever been witnessed. Countless millions died as tyrants rose to power, only to be dispensed by our interior camaraderie. And our will to live.

With this we reached into space itself, landing on the moon, building space stations and visiting that dark expanse regularly. Wonders were witnessed and  the proofs of immense awe discovered. We even dared question our God, often proclaiming we were even more.

But still the questions of the meaning of life, what does it all mean were not answered, only magnified.

Still, there was the one question that surpassed all of those child-like wonders...

Today we stand upon the precipice of economic and moral ruin. Wars rage over the planet and poverty has taken the scepter of monarch over the Earth.

With all the wonder we have witnessed - and the horrors - we still cannot answer the question of the ages: The Eternal Question, if you will.

And that is: WHAT THE HELL IS "TAUPE"?

Copyright 2011 by Andrew T. Durham

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