Watching The Wheels

Saturday, February 16, 2013

FALLOUT#2: Unsavored

Autumn longings,
Just to go back,
Just for a little while.

Crystal clear sky,
Clean air that caresses my breathing,
Obligatory colored leaves,
Though always heart wrenching

The Thruway stretches before me.
A sense of dread in my heart,
Not wanting to go back to school,
Yet knowing home is no longer

Falling in love,
Or so I thought it was,
Burning in my very core,
If only I knew
It would never come again.

The aromas of life,
Wet leaves,
The soft lover's cry of the future,
Ripples in swollen potholes of lust,
Beautiful at the time,
Yet unsavored.

Copyright 2013 by Andrew T. Durham

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